Vogue Vanity

Hello everyone! I was skimming through old magazine editorials and spreads when I cam across a 2005 issue from Italian Vogue, styled by the Edward Enninful and photographed by Steven Meisel. I’ve seen some of the images on sites and such, but I never fully looked through the entire shoot. I love how interestingly eerie (for the lack of a better word) and profound the images are. In addition, each of the shots are perfectly positioned and great detail, from the clothes to the facial expressions of the models. Some of Meisel’s editorials are known for the thought provoking and interesting stories and concepts they communicate in fashion. The models are all stitched and in bandages, in procedures for beauty enhancements of some sort, with impeccable clothing and faces after.

This was published at a time when artificial cosmetic alterations were becoming the norm- and this editorial provides an interesting and perhaps satirical commentary on the painful extent people in fashion and fame may go to achieve that ‘perfect’ standard. It glamorizes the culture to some degree, with the environment and aesthetic that the images invoke. I think it evokes questions about appearance, and what measures (some of the models are bruised and injured after their lip injections or rhinoplasty).

I hope that modern day issues of Vogue release more powerful, thought provoking editorial shoots like this. Fashion forward concepts and ideas for magazines makes it so much more interesting than product shots for advertisers.


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